2022 New York Nil Gallery, New York City, NY

2021 Best Experimental Film Award, Tokyo Shorts, Japan

2021 Best Original Score Award, San Francisco Indie Shorts Festival, CA

2021 Best Instrumental Solo Performance Award, Global Music Awards, CA

2021 Best Experimental Film Award, American Filmatic Arts Awards, New York City, NY

2021 Innovations, International Society of Experimental Artists, MI

2021 Best Experimental Film Award, LA Indies Independent Film Festival, CA

2020 Best Experimental Feature Award, New York Movie Awards, New York City, NY

2019 CICA Museum, Brooklyn, New York City, NY

2019 Experimental Feature Award, International Independent Film Awards, Encico, CA

2019 Roman Susan Art Gallery, Chicago, IL

2018 Los Angeles Center For Digital Art, CA

2018 Experimental Feature Award, American Filmatic Arts Awards, New York City, NY

2017 SciArt Center, New York City, NY

2016 Art Award, Alexandria Museum of Art, LA

2016 International Symposium on Electronic Art, Hong Kong

2015 Brooklyn Information and Culture Gallery, New York City, NY

2015 Tenri Cultural Institute, New York City, NY

2014 Pratt Fine Arts Center, Seattle, WA

2013 Brickton Art Center, Chicago, IL

2012 Article Gallery, Birmingham City University, UK

2011 Archetype Gallery, Sydney, Australia

2010 Brooklyn Art Library, New York City, NY

2009 Artcomplex Center of Tokyo, Japan

2006 Alternance Gallery, Montreal, Canada

2004 Portobello International Video Festival, London, UK

2003 Utrecht International Video Festival, Netherlands

2002 Praha Gallery, Sapporo, Japan

2001 The Bright Side Conference, Liverpool, UK

2000 Broadway Cinema, Nottingham, UK

1999 New York Independent Film and Video Festival, NY